Some random observations of Key West…

Newcomers to Key West always liked to be taken for locals. This changed after they’d met a few.–Florida Straits

“You know,” said Augie, “sometimes I forget how much I love this town. It’s very . . . specialized. There are towns, you know, for making money. Towns to start a career. Towns to go to college. Towns to raise a family. Key West is no damn good for any of that. Key West is to feel good and be happy. That’s all. Don’tcha think?”–Scavenger Reef

They were out in the back country, skimming through the flat and lucent water over barracuda and eagle rays and propeller scars and random tufts of turtle grass…Featureless low islands seemed to float a few inches above the surface, weightless, vagrant, resolutely dark in even the most searing sun.–Tropical Depression

Angelina sat at poolside, writing postcards then tearing them in little pieces. What did people do when they were on vacation? Maybe couples stayed in their air-conditioned rooms and made love through the heat of the day. Angelina could imagine that, sort of; and did. The details of the act itself remained teasingly hazy behind a curtain put up by her mind and the nuns and her mother, but the accoutrements of the moment she saw very clearly: the champagne chilling in its water-beaded bucket, a single perfect flower in its cut-glass vase…–Virgin Heat

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